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Naomi Cantu

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The EH Fund Staff Draft Rule, 10 TAC §7.62, EH Fund Subrecipient Application and Selection, and 10 TAC §7.64, EH Fund Application Review Process, are attached to this topic. pdf Ending Homelessness Fund - 7.62 and 7.64 - updated.pdf     

The act authorizing the EH Fund specifies that the grants must be provided to counties and municipalities to combat homelessness. Prior to a new program being created as noted in Topic One, eligible Applicants are proposed to be pulled only from those current or pending Emergency Solutions Grants (“ESG”) or Homeless Housing and Services Program (“HHSP”) Contracts that are with counties and municipalities. The activities for the EH Fund would be limited to eligible activities under ESG or HHSP, as requested by the EH Fund Applicant.

If a new program is created for amounts over $500,000, then the Department would issue a Notice of Funding Availability (“NOFA”). The Department is suggesting that any county or municipality could be an eligible Applicant under the NOFA. The NOFA may allow for uses of the EH Fund other than ESG or HHSP activities, different funding amounts, and other criteria for prioritizing funds.

  1. What do you think of eligible Applicants being limited to Subrecipients with existing or pending ESG or HHSP Contracts?
  2. Is the use of the EH Fund for ESG or HHSP activities reasonable if the EH Fund is less than $500,000?
  3. For what activities would the EH Fund be used if over $500,000 is received within the state fiscal year? What scoring priorities would you propose for the NOFA?


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Given the amount of funding likely to be available, the less staff time needed to process applications the better.  I agree with using current HHSP/ESG subrecipients as a screen.

I'd consider raising the bar to $1 million before starting new projects, as the cost for projects can easily have a floor of $25,000 and should be available to multiple providers around the state.  In the case of new projects, I'd include a screen of history in successfully moving individuals and families from homelessness into permanent housing, or addressing populations that qualify for longer term transitional support such as victims of domestic violence, etc.
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