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TDHCA anticipates allocating $19,490,369 in 2018 HOME Single Family funding to HRA, HBA and TBRA general set-aside activities. The TDHCA HOME Program conducted an online survey in July 2018 and held a round table discussion on August 28, 2018, in Austin, Texas, to receive input from stakeholders about the HOME Program related to the planning and release of the 2018 HOME Single Family  Notice of Funding Availability ("2018 HOME SF NOFA") for general set-aside funds.

Regarding the survey, the question asking for the most preferred method of funding distribution (contract awards, reservation system, or combination of contract awards and reservation system), reflected responses with a preference for a combination of reservation system and contract awards for HRA, TBRA and HBA funds with contract awards being the least favorite of the distribution options. 

At the roundtable discussion, representatives of TBRA administered contracts expressed an interest in providing contracts as that gave contract administrators assurance of funding availability as opposed to funding running out in the reservation system.  They did also express that benchmarks associated with contract awards can be difficult to reach.

TDHCA finds that the reservation system more efficiently moves HOME SF funds to those in need.  There was a consensus among contract administrators at the roundtable that agreed that as long as there is money available in the reservation system, it is a better process.

  1. What is your most preferred method for TDHCA to distribute the 2018 HOME Program single family general set-aside: Reservation System, Contract Awards, or a combination of Reservation System and Contract Awards?

  2. Please provide an explanation for your most preferred method.

  3. What is your least preferred method for distribution of general set-aside funding?

  4. Please provide an explanation for your least preferred method.


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Good morning,

I am a grant consultant with the HOME Program.  Funding in the reservation system is a much easier way to obtain funding and move forward with reconstruction projects than working in the award contracts.  The award contracts are not my preference for the following reasons:

1.  The cities have to do double work by having an application for the Reservation System and then a separate application for the award contracts.
2.  The cities get confused with the 2 contracts and what the differences are between the 2.
3.  The restrictions for funding an award contract do not allow for income levels to go to 80% median income.
4.  The reservation system is on-going and allows for constant uploads thru out the course of the RSP contract which is much more user friendly and will allow for more housing over time to be completed.
5.  The timeframe allotted to get a home funded and built within the award system is not sufficient and makes it very difficult to be able to accomplish what has to be done.
6.  While in the award contract, you have a guaranteed amount of funding, it is not guaranteed that you will get any of these funds after you have done the application work to get to that point based on scoring.
7.  The RSP System is straight forward and seems to be working.  The award system has some differences that the RSP system does not have and this causes concern and makes it easy to overlook due to patterns you have already been working in within the RSP system.
8. I am not in favor of running both awards and RSP Agreements.  My vote is to maintain the funds in the RSP system.  There has been enough money to go around so no one is being left out.  I do not see any benefit to adding another type of contract that requires more work and different criteria.  What is the benefit of the award contracts at this point? I do not see any!  The last thing this grant needs is more paperwork which is all I see happening by issuing award contracts.


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With regards to the "general set-aside", I believe the reservation system is sufficient as there seems to be a significant amount of funds available. 
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