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Stephanie Naquin

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Currently, portfolio size is defined in §1.301(b) related to definitions and defined as Applications in which the Applicant and its Affiliates collectively control:

  • Small Portfolio- five (5) or fewer Developments

  • Medium Portfolio- six (6) to 12 Developments

  • Large Portfolio- 13 to 19 Developments

  • Extra Large Portfolio- 20 or more Developments

What do you think is appropriate for determining the size of an Applications portfolio?


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You should also consider number of units developed in addition to the number of developments. 

Example:  You could have a developer A with 3 developments that each contain 100 units for a total of 300 units.  Developer B could have 3 developments that contain 250 units within each property for a total unit count of 750 units.  Developer B is providing and managing 250% more affordable housing units than developer A. 

With the greater number of units developed and managed by an owner/development team require additional staff, resident services and other resources to support the residents residing within the developments.

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For developments where you have multiple developers/entities partnering, the scoring/review should be calculated for each individual entity.  Currently, the review adds all of the properties together for all entities involved in a deal, giving a skewed picture of the individual developers and their portfolios.

Often times partnerships are intended to help bring together developer strengths, but that cannot be recognized if the portfolios are lumped together for review.

The Department should be encouraging partnering to bridge strengths. Instead, stronger developers will not want to partner with less experienced since they will be held accountable for their previous actions -- whether it be solely in the form of scoring or in the form of mitigating efforts that end up not being appropriate for them.

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