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Stephanie Naquin

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There are currently four (4) categories described in §1.302(d) that a Portfolio would be considered.  Please see attached “PPR Chart” summarizing the different categories.

What changes, if any, would you suggest to the categories?

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For developments where you have multiple developers/entities partnering, the scoring/review should be calculated for each individual entity.  Currently, the review adds all of the properties together for all entities involved in a deal, giving a skewed picture of the individual developers and their portfolios.

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Compliance findings regarding no cure should be removed from developers records. Examples of this include findings that involve needing signatures from deceased residents or residents that are no longer tenants and cannot be found.  Once the reason for the finding is corrected for other residents and is in updated Owner's procedures to not happen again, this needs to be removed from record.  There should be no compliance findings that are fully incurable.

Also, if a response to a corrective action is in best-efforts submitted prior to the due date, but found after the due date to be insufficient to cure the finding, the clock should be reset on the cure period.  Often, the remedy is minor or was misunderstood and owners/developers should not be penalized for making best-efforts to submit evidence of cures in a timely manner, only to find out well after the due date, that their response wasn't sufficient.  The clock needs to be reset after submission of cures.
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