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The following questions were topics of discussion at the 2018 QAP project meeting held on January 25, 2017. The theme at this meeting was Dispersion and Underserved Areas. Staff invites further comments here in the Online Forum.

Assuming that we could start with a “clean slate” . . .

  1. Can providing incentives for dispersion, coupled with good threshold criteria, promote a distribution that will comport with fair housing objectives and provide choice to affordable housing tenants? If so, how do we fine-tune these incentives and threshold criteria to optimize that outcome?

  2. What is the ideal distribution of HTC Developments in a county with a major metropolitan area and smaller cities / towns that surround that primary city? And what factors determine that distribution?

  3. Should HTC Developments be prioritized in certain neighborhoods / areas?

  4. Are there any existing Dispersion and Underserved Area threshold rules or scoring items that seem to inhibit Dispersion into Underserved Areas?

  5. Is Underserved Area or Dispersion at odds with other scoring items? If so, how might this scoring conflict be resolved?

  6. Should Dispersion and Underserved Area be measured differently in Rural and Urban areas?


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As a USDA Acquisition/Rehabilitation developer, a few of the current 2017 MF Rules have inhibited dispersion into Underserved Areas.  Most USDA properties lie in unincorporated areas.  Some are slowly becoming a part of ETJs, but they are not and will not ever be incorporated.  If the word "incorporated" in (C) and (E) of 11.9(c)(6) was struck off, a greater number of existing properties would better qualify as Underserved Sites.  There is no need/reason for existing properties in incorporated areas to receive any additional benefits.
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