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At the QAP Project Plan Meeting of December 14, 2016, many stakeholders agreed that it would be worthwhile to identify the most important policy objectives for the LIHTC multifamily housing program. The purpose of this inquiry is to generate a discussion on the broad purposes of the QAP, and to give stakeholders—especially those who were unable to attend the most recent monthly meeting—an opportunity to clearly state their opinions.


Question: what do you consider to be the three most important policy objectives for the Housing Tax Credit programs in the state of Texas? (For example, serving lower income households, serving special needs populations, revitalizing out-of-date housing, positioning housing nearer to certain amenities <please specify>, etc.).


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Preservation is a bigger and longer-term activity than revitalization.  Preservation should be discussed to determine what priority it will have in TDHCA's overall spending.  Nearly every new project awarded tax credits this year, will need rehab in 20 years and the units will need to be preserved to serve a geographic area, or a population for years beyond the first rehab. Preservation and rehab require a very different set of scoring criteria than new construction.  Existing properties that continue to serve residents usually need rehab because the units are older, less up-to-date, have multiple exhausted products such as roofs, water heaters, HVAC systems, and appliances, but remain important to communities and low-income people who want and deserve nice housing.  

Preservation is an issue that I think should be discussed.
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